Back to Baghdad

Back to Baghdad is a simulation of the air war over Iraq a few years after the end of the (first) Gulf War, with you taking the place of a F-16 pilot in a series of “one off” missions. The game included a detailed rendering of the F-16, it’s cockpit and systems. The terrain engine… Continue reading Back to Baghdad

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Ultimate Pinball

[A.K.A. ScreamBall] Six different pinball tables to play, all based on ideas such as sports, horror, Egypt, space, pirates, and the American west. The game features smooth scrolling, digitized sound, and local multiplayer capabilities. Found a YouTube link! (Thanks Zirkoini) Screamball: The Ultimate Pinball Experience is an arcade game developed by Teeny Weeny Games. It… Continue reading Ultimate Pinball

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Fido Dido

Looking round the internet I see we got a credit on this as ‘assistant programmer’, as I recall, we only did a few bonus scenes. Despite the game being reportedly finished, Fido Dido was cancelled for unknown reasons, though a ROM of the complete game has since been dumped. Pirated versions of the game have… Continue reading Fido Dido


Only did the ‘Interludes’, for this, but it was still fun.

Off The Wall

Often wondered what happened to this game, you could connect 2 Saga Game Gears together and play a friend.   According to Hidden Palace it was never released 🙁 It’s something between Breakout and Atari’s Warlords, a multiplayer brick breaking game. The game was only released in the arcades, and this Game Gear version we… Continue reading Off The Wall

Pipe Mania

A simple concept puzzle game, that builds the frustration factor (as all puzzlers should!) Take pieces of pipe one at a time from this dispenser at the side of the screen (the pieces are lots of different shapes) and place them to build your way to the exit.

Super Cup

Football action, overhead view. Was a little odd, but that was what Hewson’s wanted converted!

Football Manager: World Cup Edition 1990

The third game in the popular Football Manager series. This time you are not the coach a club team, but one of the national teams that started in the real World Cup 1990 qualifications. Master the qualification games to reach the final tournament and try to get the World Cup. You can fill up your… Continue reading Football Manager: World Cup Edition 1990

Gazza’s Super Soccer

Licensed by Paul Gascoigne, at one time, the most expensive player in British football history. The game is viewed top-down, and can be set to either move left-right or top-bottom. Both league and cup tournaments are included, as are single matches and a few set-piece practice sections. The gameplay involves a number of advanced moves,… Continue reading Gazza’s Super Soccer