Bedrock has been through several incarnations since it’s original inception in the late 1970’s when the first Bedrock was born. It has however throughout its existence, under the guidance of then owner (now MD) Brian Rogers, maintained a sincere and positive attitude to its customers and clients alike.

“Bedrock Disco”. So named as the underlying strata of rock! Like most discos, it had humble beginnings, supplying loud noise and flickering lights in the corner of a darkened village hall. But very quickly it progressed to a better sound, using stage amps, and better lighting systems.

As it expanded, to become one of the largest mobile systems in Oxfordshire so did the name, it stretched to become “Bedrock Disco Roadshow, Laser, Light and pyrotechnic show”. One of our more humorous moments was the time where a manager at a venue, despite being warned before hand, set off the fire alarm when he saw the 6 foot high sparks on the stage and smoke covering the ceiling from the pyrotechnic systems!

In 1984, Brian started part time to write computer games, naturally reused the name, now being “Bedrock Software” going full time and relocating to the south coast of the UK in 1986.

As the reputation of Bedrock Software grew so did the team, at one point in time there was as many as five of us, before shrinking as the games market contracted in the mid ’90’s.

In 1995, Brian was to work on a project, which shifted the emphasis of “Bedrock Software” from a game factory to a commercial and military software company. Namely “Back to Baghdad”. An F16 simulator that was true to the flying abilities of an F16, and as complex. It bombed! Most sales were made to F16 jockeys wanting to take their work home, They loved it, told their bosses, and DWL, MSI and Bedrock all moved into the military arena.

Since 1996, when “Back to Baghdad” was completed, customers have come to us from as far as the West Coast of the USA, to Singapore in the east as well as a few places in-between!