Fido Dido

Looking round the internet I see we got a credit on this as ‘assistant programmer’, as I recall, we only did a few bonus scenes.

Despite the game being reportedly finished, Fido Dido was cancelled for unknown reasons, though a ROM of the complete game has since been dumped. Pirated versions of the game have also been spotted, and its widespread circulation frequently leads to the misconception this game was officially released. Fido Dido even got to the stage where it was given cover art in the US and rated by Sega’s Videogame Rating Council (as GA). It was also demonstrated at CES 1993.

The reasoning behind Fido Dido’s cancellation is unknown, however it was around this time when 7-Up changed their mascot to Cool Spot, which may have been a factor. Furthermore, Kaneko’s US arm was closed during this period, leading to the cancellation of other games such as Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill.