Back to Baghdad

Back to Baghdad is a simulation of the air war over Iraq a few years after the end of the (first) Gulf War, with you taking the place of a F-16 pilot in a series of “one off” missions.

The game included a detailed rendering of the F-16, it’s cockpit and systems. The terrain engine mapped most of southern Iraq using satellite imagery. Whilst just a google map will do it today, this was all don ‘old school’!

Surprisingly, it was the only DOS game ever to support duel video output. An additional Multi Function Display output could be achieved with use of Hercules monochrome video card and monitor and SVGA for all other game visuals.

After the games release, which F-16 pilots loved. It was converted to work under Windows NT4.0 for military sub contractor sales offering. 1-4 ship networked scalable fidelity cockpits. Use of 4 port VGA adapter for MFD’s in cockpits for fully functioning displays and gauges.

We were then part of the team invited to display the four ship cockpits in the Air Force booth at the USAF 50th anniversary in Las Vegas.

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